Developer: GAMEVIL Version: 3.0.1 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time APK 3.0.1

December 13, 2016
Change log
  • There is new version ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time APK 3.0.1. RPG game, or role playing game is really interesting game to be played because we act as someone who lives individually in virtual dimension. For finding this game in smartphone, you do not have to be confused because this game will give you the best virtual life with exciting and interesting adventure. Now, let us talk more about this game so you can get a grasp over the greatest RPG for android. Now, I will give you some leaks about the game play that you will face when you install this game. This role playing game will let you be able to experience controlled battle with the opponent in the game. Unlike strategy, role playing game will give you fuller control over the characters that you choose.

    In this game, you will be able to fight against some monster, challenge other players, and make friends with the other players. When you play this game, you will firstly be asked for choosing your characters. This Zenonia S: Rift in Time game has five choices of characters that you can have. First, you can be slasher who comes with close range weapons. Then, you will have ranger and magician that commonly fight with longer range, and there are also fighter and assassins.

    You do not have to worry whether there will be many other players which come with the same shapes of characters because once you play, you can afford your own accessories. The provider of this game has prepared for about 300 kinds of equipment’s that are ready to make your character interesting. When you want to spend time with wonderful RPG, Zenonia S: Rift in Time for android will provide you with great excitement and enjoyment. You will not have to spend more time for finding your own games because this game is just really amazing.

    Features of ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time 3.0.1 APK for Android
    • Battle monsters, make friends, and punish challengers all from your mobile device.
    • Explore the world of ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time across the nine realms.
    • Test your survival skills in the Monster Wave mode.
    • Choose from your favorite ZENONIA® characters.
    • Slasher/ Ranger/ Fighter / Magician / Assassin
    • Awaken your hero and break the limit.
    • Customize you character with over 300 different pieces of equipment.
    • Increase the effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and accessories through various enhancements
    ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time Screenshot 1
  • ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time APK 3.0.1 Latest Version

    • Added a Christmas Event
    • Improved character development features in low-level sections
    • Fixed various bugs and improved functions
  • Apps Reviews

    So far it’s been a blast. A lot of customization options, not a play for 5 min then stop, it’s been addictive.