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Aptoide APK

December 2, 2016
Change log
  • Have you ever seen Aptoide APK? What is this app about? Basically, it is the largest android app store which is independently the latest version is It was launched in 2009 with a project to develop the marketplace for android platform. Then in 2011, it was said to be incorporated as a spin off from the CM Software and as an, well say, open company source. It has unique style. It allows many people who work for android app to create also manage their own store in Android. They have partners such as OEM, Integrators, developers, and Telcos to upload and distribute their apps through their own way stores. This app also provides a benefit for an end user such as providing the aptoide client app. It will give you the chances to manage your download files, access to the stores, and the updates also. It also provides an open source for the community.

    For those who are anxious to know more about it, you can browse through your browser such as google to this web address aptoide.com. In that website, you will see three mini lines or bars on the top left corner. Click or tap on it and you will see several options such as the way to join the website whether you want to login or to sign up first. Below it, you will see the home page button, about button, language button which provides ten languages such as Indonesian, Arabic, English, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Korean, etc.

    You also will see the social media you can follow for the social media such as facebook, google+, youtube, and twitter app. If you want to download the app, you firstly have to ensure that the apps from third party sources can be installed. How to do it? Open your setting, then look for the security part, search down until you find the unknown source part. Then tick on the box beside the written said “allow installation of apps form unknown sources. If you have finished, go back to your browser then you only need to click or tap the APK. Then you will see the box with the Install Now! Button. Then the installation will be automatically opened and what you need is just click on the button of Install. Then it finishes.

    Features of Aptoide APK for Android
    • Install the best Applications
    • Choose from multiple stores.
    • Control the Apps that your employees install.
    • Distribute updates.
    • Make your internal applications available in a private Store.
    • Easily create a site to advertise your application.
    • Reach a larger audience.
    • Don’t be limited by geographical, political or content policies restrictions.
    • No cost, manage effort or IPR complications.
    • Get updated statistics of devices use.
    • Revenue share of advertisement (if applicable).
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  • Aptoide APK Latest Version

    • Bug fixes
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    This version is better than previous version and it works great on my device.