PokeMesh APK

Developer: PokéMesh Version: 10.6.1 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

PokeMesh APK 10.6.1

August 2, 2017
Change log
  • Pokemesh APK is available and now the latest version for Android is 10.6.1. So, if you are still using 10.6.0 you can download it and update your app to get better performance. Along with the popularity of Pokemon GO, there are many third party apps that can accompany your journey to be a Pokemon master, one of those apps is Pokemesh. Simple, this app is a tool that is used to determine the position of monsters on the location that you want. Although it looks simple but it is very useful, there is an alarm feature to inform the position of Pokemon near you.

    This function is similar to watches for Pokemon GO Plus. If the GO Plus is used on the hand, then Pokemesh is a free application for Android. Besides useful to look for monsters in the area, you can focus the search for the Pokemon that you want (for example: If you want to find eeve, you will look roadmap and the area where eeve are, so you can go to the area to begin a search).

    But in my opinion, this app makes batteries wasteful because we have to open it simultaneously with Pokemon Go. Features of this application is quite complete. We can set notifications for pokemon that we wanted. In addition, we can also set “show on map” to pokemon that we want. So, we will not see the monster that we do not want. The initial view of this application is our current location. But if we want to find the monsters in other areas we can “long tap” on the area that we want. The cursor will be moved to the area and the application will start the search. Additionally, disappear time feature is also available on this app. This application is also integrated with Google Maps, so we can use the “route” facility to find a route to the monster.

    Features of PokeMesh 10.6.1 APK for Android
    • Map with real time Pokémon markers
    • Address bar to move quickly across the map
    • Despawn timer for each Pokémon on the map
    • Hold down to start a scan in any location on the map
    • Mesh functionality, to receive push notifications of nearby Pokemon
    PokeMesh Screenshot 1
  • PokeMesh APK 10.6.1 Latest Version

    • We keep fight our battle against captchas. This update should drastically reduce the pops.
  • Apps Reviews

    This app has many features which are very useful for Pokemon trainers. I like the configuration menu which allows me to choose what monster that I want to search. So, I can focus to my favorite monsters. This app runs smoothly and works great on my Android. The server response is also great, just need a few seconds to get the result.