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APKTrunk brings solution for you who want to get the original free Android apps and games in APK format. Provide daily update so you can find the latest version easily, direct download access so you can get the apps easily and also description and review of each apps. This website works as a showcase, you can browse page by page to find applications and games or browse by categories according to a type or a topic. In each post, there are some screenshots of the apps, details, change log, review, old version, latest version and download links.

If you have any Android apps information, you can submit yours directly to our contact form.

More than 1,000 Android apps for direct download. A list of most downloaded apps, most popular, most rated, and most famous games and software. Subscribe by Google+, Twitter and Facebook. You can also share it to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.




Last updated on: August 23, 2015