Summoners War APK

Developer: Com2uS Version: 3.7.5 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Summoners War APK 3.7.5

January 17, 2018
Change log
  • Summoners War APK is one type of mobile battle games and now the latest version is 3.7.5. Based on its title, this game seems to be very interesting. It claims to offer amazing graphics as well as huge collection of around hundreds monsters. However, those qualities cannot really impress all of people to play this game since it has been known that most of the stuff in the game is not quite fun to play. There are some good points and weaknesses that perhaps can help you determine before you actually play with this. This game provides remarkable beginnings by presenting a nice basic tutorial for the players. You will be explained on how to collect the monsters, increase their power, and how to buy the buildings. However, if you have tried the real combat, you commonly will feel impressed since all the battles are showed in 3D. Moreover, the monster will obtain cut scenes whenever it does critical assaults.

    The most interesting is that each monster is designed with different type of skill based on the element it has. The elements in this game include fire, water, and wind. There are also other elements such as light and dark. A number of elements happen to be stronger than the others. All the controls towards what occurs during the war completely rely on the players. It does not include any amounts of damage or what you collect during the fight. Everything occurs just based on the actual time. Besides, players are able to easily select what monster they would like to use and what skill which is employed.

    Despite the amazing graphics, interesting war system, and interactive characters, Summoners War for Android appears to be similar with the majority of its counterparts, it also include ‘pay-to-win’ attributes. Nevertheless, it makes the gap between free players and those who spend money to be less far. The monsters can develop base on their usability by gaining from one star up to five stars. If you get rare monsters which contain from three up to five stars, then you can purchase them with money containing red mama crystal premium. This game offers big advantage for free players since it allow them to remain beckoning the mystical scrolls until they got a team which consists of monsters with five stars. What avoid this system from any imbalance is due to the reality that the monsters can increase their level until six star based on their rarity.

    Features of Summoners War 3.7.5 APK for Android
    • Strategic Gameplay
    • Endless Fun!
    • Massive Collection
    • Dynamic Guild Battles
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  • Summoners War APK 3.7.5 Latest Version

    • We’ve fixed up some minor bugs!
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    Love this game. It’s fun, visually entertaining, and ever evolving in both gameplay and new monsters. Definitely recommend if you like mobile gaming.