Snapchat APK

Developer: Snapchat Inc Version: Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Snapchat APK

May 24, 2017
Change log
  • Snapchat APK has been released in the new version which is good application that helps you to easy connect with other people or friends. Today in this modern era, people can communicate and connect in easy way without problem. They can see face to face by using some apps in their smartphone. You can easy talk to you friend without need to waste your time and money because what you need is internet connection only. Snapchat for Android is application that makes you easy to communicate with all friends using your photographs. Your friend can see photographs for several seconds before the photographs will disappear forever. You don’t need to worry with your photographs.

    This application is simple and what you need to do is just taking picture. You need to add text to your image before you send. You can select amount of time that people will see your photographs. After you do all steps, you can send your photos. It is very easy. Receiver will need to do some steps too before they can get the image. There will be a security measure before your friend will see your image.

    You can receive notifications too when your friend receives your photo. By using notification, you will be able to know whether your friend has already received your photos or images or not yet. You can also send screenshot too when you want. There are some people in the world that now use this application to communicate with other people or friends. You don’t need to send long text in your image. You are free to download this app in some sources. It is time to share your images to people without need to worry that people will use your images for other business. You can start to download snapchat for Android.

    Features of Snapchat APK for Android
    • You can also add a Snap to your Story with one tap to share your day with all of your friends.
    • The best conversations happen when both friends are present
    • Happy Snapping!
    Snapchat Screenshot 1
  • Snapchat APK Latest Version

    • Now there’s a new way to create Stories — with just the friends you choose! Or, create a Story for friends in a specific location — perfect for a party or any event! Tap the “”Create Story”” icon in the top right corner of the Stories screen to get started.
    • Your Bitmoji Selfie now appears inside your Snapcode! Tap Edit Bitmoji to change the mood of your Bitmoji.”
  • Apps Reviews

    Just like you can see who views each story. There should be a little tab for comments too. People should be able to send little comments in the snaps that only you can see and reply if you want to.