2048 Number puzzle game APK

Developer: Estoty Entertainment LLC Version: 6.46 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

2048 Number puzzle game APK 6.46

November 7, 2015
Change log
  • 2048 Number puzzle game APK 6.46 is available, this is the video game that was created in March 2014. It is the game of single-player puzzle that was designed by a 19 years Old Italian web developer named Gabriele Cirulli. What 2048 means? Well, it is actually the objective where you have to slide the tiles with numbers. You have to slide them on a grid in order to combine those tiles. Then, you are also going to create the tile with number 2048. In other hand, there will be a lot of tiles you should manage. We can also say that this game is type of block puzzle with sliding concept. Then, it is also very similar with Threes Game which was released earlier or about several months ago.

    Well, Cirully actually created this game only on single weekend. He also took it as his game experiment whether he can program a game from the scratch way. Besides that, he also described this game as a clone of 1024 game of Veewo Studio’s application. He also got the idea from clone 2048 of Sami Romdhana. Then, he got the gamers’ responds about more than 4 million users only for a week. That’s why this game is getting very popular today.

    How about this game’s operation? Well, you can play it freely. It is also free to be downloaded on iOs and Android. This game also becomes the viral hit today. You can play it easily. What you need to do is only for moving the tiles by using four keys. They will be sliding smoothly and there will be the new tiles with random appearance on an empty spot. The more you can move the similar tiles on higher number, you can get high score. Finally, those are all about the explanation and game play of 2048 for Android.

    Features of 2048 Number puzzle game 6.46 APK for Android
    • Super Multiplayer mode
    • Game is automatically autosaved
    • Three unique game modes
    • Unlimited Undo mode
    • Survival Time mode
    • X-tile mode
    • Night theme for playing in bed
    • Leaderboards & Achievements
    • Crispy sounds and settings
    • Animation controls
    • Beautiful and simple UI
    2048 Number puzzle game Screenshot 1
  • 2048 Number puzzle game APK 6.46 Latest Version

    • Improved Battery life
    • Removed not necessary permissions(was added previously for debugging from test build by mistake)
    • Polished game for Lollipop Android users
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    Absolutely love this game! Me and my mum play it! I’ve already completed the game once! I’m desperate to do it again! Love it!