Star Trek Timelines APK

Developer: Disruptor Beam Version: 1.5.3 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Star Trek Timelines APK 1.5.3

November 8, 2016
Change log
  • There is new version of Star Trek Timelines APK, you can download and install the latest version 1.5.3 for free. Through this game, Disruptor Beam seen clearly wants to realize the dreams of Trekkie through Star Trek gaming experience that is better than the previous game. The storyline of the anomaly time (aka timeline) packaged by Disruptor Beam provides the freedom for the players to be creative to make their dreams Enterprise crew. Here you can combine a variety of characters from the three storylines Star Trek TV series, began generations Captain Kirk, Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation, until Captain Sisko from generation Star Trek Deep Space Nine. For those who have never followed the TV series Star Trek, it seem trivial, but for the Trekkie diversity of this character would be a fan service that is very interesting to note.

    Unfortunately for the current Star Trek Timelines, does not include the Enterprise crew leaders younger version of Captain Kirk in Star Trek big screen movie version of JJ Abrams and Captain Archer of the series Star Trek: Enterprise. If their presence in the update is applied to the expansion of the next story, then I can say Star Trek Timelines as the game Star Trek the most complete ever found in a mobile. Speaking of gameplay, developer Disruptor Beam arguably has managed to find a formula which is quite interesting to summarize the thrill of air warfare a la Star Trek into the grip.

    This game has two types of core games are equally rely on momentum strategies in choosing the players and determine which is right for the crew parachuted into adventure mode. Certainly a Star Trek-themed game would not be complete if it does not highlight the action of war and diplomacy between aircraft which has been the hallmark of every TV series and the movie. To facilitate the part, Disruptor create mechanisms play the glance looks like an action RPG battle but is equipped with various technological terms such as Star Trek Phaser weapons, Photon torpedoes, deflector shields, and so on.

    Features of Star Trek Timelines 1.5.3 APK for Android
    • Assemble your crew from hundreds of favorite Star Trek characters from The Original Series, The Next
    • Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, each with unique skills and abilities
    • Command iconic starships, including the USS Enterprise, a Klingon Bird of Prey, The Defiant, Voyager, Borg Cubes, and many more!
    • Engage enemies in stunning 3D ship-to-ship battles
    • Stunning graphics and original art bring Star Trek to life in the most immersive and thrilling game experience available
    Star Trek Timelines Screenshot 1
  • Star Trek Timelines APK 1.5.3 Latest Version

    • STT version 1.5.3 is live! 1.5.3 is a bugfix build that fixes a persistent issue in the Equipment Menu, when getting new items for crew.
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    The game is fun and theres plenty to do. It has its bugs but the developers are very friendly to the users and make you feel like they’re listening to feedback.