Google Translate Version Histories

We have mirrored versions of Google Translate APK files. It will help you to upgrade or downgrade Google Translate easily.

Google Translate APK 5.6.0.RC04.141530192 for Android is coming. Technological development inspired Google to update its translation app, particularly to this app. What has been added to this app? They have added some new languages which had not been available yet…

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Here is available versions:

  1. Latest version: Google Translate APK 5.6.0.RC04.141530192 (Updated: December 15, 2016)
  2. Google Translate 5.5.0.RC04.137189260 APK Android (Updated: December 15, 2016)
  3. Google Translate 5.4.0.RC10.132942120 APK Android (Updated: October 28, 2016)
  4. Google Translate 5.3.0.RC02.130475354 APK Android (Updated: September 22, 2016)
  5. Google Translate 5.2.0.RC10.128729281 APK Android (Updated: August 28, 2016)
  6. Google Translate 5.2.0.RC09.128106141 APK Android (Updated: July 31, 2016)
  7. Google Translate 5.1.0.RC04.124179590 APK Android (Updated: July 24, 2016)
  8. Google Translate 5.0.0.RC24.121993595 APK Android (Updated: June 19, 2016)
  9. Google Translate 4.4.0 APK Android (Updated: May 12, 2016)

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