GO Launcher APK

GO Launcher APK Latest Version

February 23, 2017

The latest GO Launcher APK 2.26 is available for free. Android platform becomes the operating system chosen by many people for the best smart phone using experience. People just need to choose the smart phone products from various brands with…

Solo Launcher APK

Solo Launcher APK Latest Version

February 22, 2017

Solo Launcher APK 2.7.1 is one of the best launcher that can be found by people in their android. Relating to this one, people will find that the appearance for their launcher will be different because in this launcher they…

HTC Sense Home APK

HTC Sense Home APK Latest Version

December 28, 2016

HTC launches HTC Sense Home APK latest version 8.52.853503 for non-HTC devices. This app brings user interface that is similar to HTC 10 with simple interface and include a number of new features. This launch is one of HTC way…

Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher APK Latest Version

December 14, 2016

Nova Launcher APK version 5.0 has various functions based on the feature overview. You can use this app to customize your Android applications and widgets. You can adjust the column and line based on your need. You can choose which…

GO Locker APK

GO Locker APK Latest Version

December 7, 2016

Go Locker APK 6.06 is available for Android and this is an application that is used to lock the screen of your Android. It is used to control who can open and use your Android. Android became one of the…