Looney Tunes Dash APK

Developer: Zynga Version: 1.81.05 Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Looney Tunes Dash 1.81.05 APK Android

December 6, 2016
Change log
  • Previous version Looney Tunes Dash 1.81.05 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Casual apps.

    Yes, this game by Zynga will take the gamers, you, to feel the real sensation of being there, where each character has its own enemy. The gamers need to escape from the enemy. The other sensation for the gamers is the facts about there are much challenges inside. The gamers need to jump, slide, and smash the challenge passed. Each character in Looney Tunes Dash for Android has their own special ability. This ability can all be received right when they finish the objective from quest played. While the gamers are running, they can also collect stars and have some highest scores!

    This endless run games is also utilized with oh so many interesting level. In each level, the gamers will be asked to finish certain objective. The different between this endless run games with the other is that the gamers will run with no objective. For example, Tweety manages to escape to Grandma’s house running away from Sylvester the bird catcher, in the last level. In other words, this game is insanely fun and addicting. If you consider yourself as a gamer and a childhood stuff collector, then this game is worth a shot!

    Features of Looney Tunes Dash APK 1.81.05
    • Run as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, and other favorite Looney Tunes characters!
    • Explore and run in iconic Episodes like Painted Desert, Tweety’s Neighborhood, and more!
    • Complete level goals to progress on the Looney Tunes map and unlock more zones!
    • Unlock and master each character’s Special Ability for extra running power!
    • Grab Power-Ups to fly like a superhero, blast through obstacles, plus loads of other surprises!
    • Collect Looney Tunes Collector’s Cards to fill your Looney Tunes Bin and learn fun trivia!
    • Prank other Looney Tunes characters for more coins and points!
    Looney Tunes Dash Screenshot 1
  • New in Looney Tunes Dash 1.81.05 APK Android

    • “Episode 43: “A Miner Inconvenience” starring Daffy and Yosemite Sam!
    • Yosemite’s off on a rip-roarin’ run through tricky underground mines! Help Daffy escape this rootin’-tootin’ gunslinger in our newest episode!
    • Also featuring a new hidden Looney Card Collection.”
  • Apps Reviews

    I love the graphics and I love Looney Tunes! Best game I’ve ever played. You won’t regret it! Highly addictive!