Juggernaut Wars APK

Developer: My.com B.V. Version: 1.4.2 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Juggernaut Wars 1.4.2 APK Android

November 22, 2016
Change log
  • Previous version Juggernaut Wars 1.4.2 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Role Playing apps.

    Players will be able to strategize time in issuing his hero, following the story in the campaign, participate in clan wars and trying to PvE mode. In the game, players will form a team of heroes of their choice before setting off to explore the world Haradan.

    According to the story, Haradan land has fallen into civil war, with the population divided into two factions: the League and Cohort. The players will go into the world to find out what happened with the previous rulers who mysteriously disappeared, which in turn has created this civil war. There is a ‘three-mode’ is available in this game, the first one there is a standard mode, then there PvP mode, and the latter mode ‘Trial’ in which players form a team together to defeat monsters special ‘World Fights’. Games with the theme of RPG-like brave frontier (Playstation X) presenting unique 3D graphics, unlike similar games that provide 3D graphics which are smooth and animations are made as realistic as possible, Juggernaut Wars instead give 3D graphics but does not eliminate cartoon effect so when we play the game this, remembering action series on Cartoon Network station.

    Features of Juggernaut Wars APK 1.4.2
    • A new hit from the creators of 2012 cult RPG game Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering.
    • 30 unique warriors, each boasting their own set of abilities. And much more!
    • Magnificent animation, stunning 3D graphics, a lot of beautiful locations and magic spells.
    • Epic clan battles – invite your friends and fight back-to-back!
    • Beginner-friendly mechanics – become a pro in the blink of an eye!
    • PvP tournaments and PvE achievements – show them all who is the best here!
    Juggernaut Wars Screenshot 1
  • New in Juggernaut Wars 1.4.2 APK Android

    • Travel to the Otherworld to fight mighty monsters and find new allies;
    • Complete the new daily quest: Victory in the Otherworld.
    • HEROES
    • New heroes for the Otherworld: Kurbatov and Matryoshka;
    • New VIP chest hero: Magish;
    • Miresida has disappeared from the VIP chest and is now available in the Soul Shop;
    • Amok now receives less spellpower, but more armor per level;
    • Barbosa’s special ability inflicts significantly more damage.
  • Apps Reviews

    Great game, fun to play. Way too many pay barriers. But you can still enjoy the game without paying.