Developer: AnTuTu Version: 6.2.5 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

AnTuTu Benchmark 6.2.5 APK Android

November 10, 2016
Change log
  • Previous version AnTuTu Benchmark 6.2.5 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Tools apps.

    That is why people should use the benchmark apps for Android device which can help them to measure the performance of the smart phone device. From various kinds of benchmark apps which can be found for Android device, AnTuTu Benchmark for Android must be one of the most popular options which are used a lot by many Android users. This app is useful for testing various parts of the Android device. It will also assign the overall score of the device. It is not only overall numerical score which will be given by this app to the device because there will also be individual score which is given to each test performed by this app.

    People maybe will not get great meaning from the score number on one device test only. It will be more useful if people use the score numbers for comparing different smart phone devices. Of course people can use the individual score for comparing the relative performance between different smart phone device parts so people can make conclusion about the best smart phone which has best performance of the part which is suitable with the main function desired on the smart phone.

    Features of AnTuTu Benchmark APK 6.2.5
    • User Experience (UX) – Overall device performance with detailed scores.
    • CPU Tests – Measures the power of the CPU, and gives hard numbers for its actual performance.
    • CPU Single Test– Measures the power of CPU by running CPU single test algorithms.
    • RAM Tests – Investigate the real processing capability of the RAM.
    • GPU Tests – Measure the performance of real graphics processing, 3D effects, games, and video playing.
    • I/O Tests – A direct score that reflects on the actual input/output (I/O) performance your system permits.
    AnTuTu Benchmark Screenshot 1
  • New in AnTuTu Benchmark 6.2.5 APK Android

    • Add: Support Device verification
    • Optimizing: Testing start process, Using experience of score page
    • Fixed crash and bug fix
  • Apps Reviews

    Allows me too view how well my phone performs.