Stickman Battlefields APK

Developer: Djinnworks GmbH Version: 1.8.0 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Stickman Battlefields 1.8.0 APK Android

June 12, 2016
Change log
  • Previous version Stickman Battlefields 1.8.0 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Action apps.

    The Stickman Battlefields for Android software is a kind of game battle robots with truly high graphics and also three dimensional environments which is designed to fit the whole system of android 2.3and also iOS 6.0 or later. This game can be downloaded for free. As you play this game, you have to know firstly the game features. Those include wonderful graphics, three-dimensional environment, play offline and online, multi-player and single-player games, numerous weather systems like sun, snow, and many more.

    There are also numerous explosives like Argos, grenades, and many more. The weapons are also truly powerful which include M32, M16, PP2000, and M320. Stickman Battlefields for Android is available also in All Gv.shy Android and iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The setting of the games is also variously like in the forest, mountains and many more. The equipment’s are also available widely including the body armor, parachutes, laser light, and the others. Start to enjoy the experience in ultra-realistic and also action packed of arcade battlefield atmosphere on this game.

    Features of Stickman Battlefields APK 1.8.0
    • Ultra realistic and action packed arcade battlefield atmosphere
    • Fast paced arcade military shooter
    • Story Mode and single player campaign with more than 100 missions
    • Realtime synchronous multiplayer mode
    • Bootcamp missions
    • Various different locations (Beach, Forest, Mountain, Snow, Rain, etc…)
    • Various weapons (M16, M32, M320, PP2000, Shotgun, M2010 Sniper Rifle, AT4 Rocket launcher, Glock19, etc…)
    • Much more
    Stickman Battlefields Screenshot 1
  • New in Stickman Battlefields 1.8.0 APK Android

    • Support for Game Controllers and Android TV
    • Soldiers have now camouflage clothes equipped
    • Major graphics update, all buildings use 3D effects now
    • New audio support with various effects like echo and reverb in buildings
    • 2 brand new multiplayer maps: Prypjat and The Bath
    • 5 new single player missions and 1 new campaign
    • New and performance improved game engine and network engine
  • Apps Reviews

    I love the game but it needs more weapons like maybe swords knifes and other. But besides that it’s a great game.