Developer: MADFINGER Games Version: 2.2.2 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.2.2 APK Android

January 17, 2016
Change log
  • Previous version SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.2.2 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Arcade apps.

    Furthermore, the experience intense tactical multiplayer combat up to 12 players can connect through online so that it will enhance your ability to battle the enemies in the game. The new control elements such as sprint and roll are available in Android SHADOWGUN: deadzone that will be implemented into game play. The weapon tools in this game are also impressive including Assault Rifles, Plasma Rifles, Machine guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and so forth. Those weapons are upgradable.

    Other impressive reason that can be played in this game is that people can increase their character’s ranking with a new elements so that they can unlock the new character in SHADOWGUN: deadzone for Android when they game is playing. The new control including the sprint and roll are available in this game that can facilitate the people when they play the game on their android. If you are bored, you can choose from two popular modes including the Deathmatch and Zone Control that can satisfy the people to play the game.

    Features of SHADOWGUN: DeadZone APK 2.2.2
    • Experience intense tactical multiplayer combat with up to 12 players connected online.
    • Choose from two popular game modes – Deathmatch and Zone Control, various maps and from 10 playable characters
    • As a character’s ranking increases, new elements will be unlocked and available during gameplay
    • New control elements such as sprint and roll have been implemented into gameplay
    • A wide ranging arsenal offers Assault Rifles, Machine guns, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket
    • Launcher and many more, all of which are upgradable
    • Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, Frag Grenades, Sentry Guns and Mines
    SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Screenshot 1
  • New in SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.2.2 APK Android

    • Added support for M.O.J.O. and other micro-consoles
    • Fixed crashing on Mali GPU (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, …)
    • Fixed visibility on Google Play on certain devices (e.g. HP SlateBook x2)
    • Rockets and Frag Grenades are flying through nearby friends (fixes accidental suicide)
    • Fixed the occasional ‘stand up’ after death
    • Improved item placement (you’ll notice it especially near flags)
    • Fixed occasional never-ending respawn countdown
  • Apps Reviews

    Seriously this game is just too good but the only thing that I don’t like is that boosters are very expensive but still the game is awesome.