Fantasy War Tactics APK

Developer: NEXON Company Version: 0.524.1 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Fantasy War Tactics 0.524.1 APK Android

December 22, 2015
Change log
  • Previous version Fantasy War Tactics 0.524.1 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Role Playing apps.

    First, this game is represented with characters that are colorful. This is one of the attractions that this game has. The figure characters which are given are designed with good and various colors that make the look of the figures come with better detail that is pleasing to the eyes. In this Fantasy War Tactics game, the game actually tells about a war between warlords who intend to rule the world.

    Then, to play this game, we will just move your heroes to the range where it can attack. Some heroes also have different range according to its weapon. The range of movement is also limited to some terms like when it passes a mountain or waters. In this Fantasy War Tactics for android, you will experience some great things around the games. For example, you will find for about twelve regions and 180 dungeons here. In the game play, you will also play with 550 different heroes that you will have from the beginning of the game to the end of the game itself. Then, you will face for about 10 stages here and there will be some missions which are given in each stage that you should finish.

    Features of Fantasy War Tactics APK 0.524.1
    • More Fun in each play!
    • Uncover & Collect Heroes!
    • Start your journey to the World Conquest!
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  • New in Fantasy War Tactics 0.524.1 APK Android

    • Decreased the daily achievements clear condition and increased the reward.
    • When clearing the dungeon above the Company, you can obtain more Gold by 1.5- 2 times.
    • Increased the amount of dropped Gold by 2-2.5 times in the Nephthys Dungeon [Queen’s Bedchamber].
    • Decreased the difficulty in some regions of the Nephthys Dungeon.
    • PVP ranking reward system is now changed.
  • Apps Reviews

    There’s a few Rhapsody parallels and some of the battle music sounds like it was based off of a battle song from Rhapsody, the Nintendo DS game. Solid game, cute characters.