Dropbox APK

Developer: Dropbox, Inc. Version: Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Dropbox APK Android

December 17, 2015
Change log
  • Previous version Dropbox apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Productivity apps.

    Besides, the features in this also will amaze people when they install this one in the android. You, for instance can edit the Microsoft office from your android easily. This one will be useful because people do not need to open their laptop to edit the urgent file easily. Besides, you also can find this one can back up automatically photos and videos in the Dropbox for Android. This automatically back up is one of the best features in this app so that people will get the satisfaction one when they use this app.

    They do not worry to lose their data or files because in this app, they will find the app can save automatically. Because of that, the Dropbox for Android will give the satisfaction one for people when they have android in their hand. Besides, this one also can share the files and data in big size without email attachment. In other words, this one will be very useful for people to do their activity without any difficulties.

    Features of Dropbox APK
    • Edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet
    • Back up photos and videos automatically if you choose
    • Send large files without using email attachments
    Dropbox Screenshot 1
  • New in Dropbox APK Android

    The feedback button in the side bar, and the sync contacts option in options.

  • Apps Reviews

    This is one of the very best apps and services out there. It has saved me from losing my files when everything else failed.