DomiNations APK

Developer: NEXON M Inc. Version: 2.0.83 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

DomiNations 2.0.83 APK Android

September 20, 2015
Change log
  • Previous version DomiNations 2.0.83 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Strategy apps.

    That being said, this game is a game which can be enjoyed by many people, gamers and non-gamers alike. At the heart of the game, it looks like another attempt to recreate the formula of Clash of Clans. While there is nothing wrong with that since conventions are basically conventions because they are so repetitively used in a pertaining genre, but some games that try to include the same formula over and over again can easily come across as boring and probably plain to several players.

    Nonetheless, a good game can pull conventions just fine without having to make it uninteresting, and you can say that DomiNations is a pretty good game. Playing DomiNations is all about wise decision-making. You need to select your actions carefully in order to move the progress of the game. You would always find something to do in this game and that’s what makes it pretty interesting and engrossing. For those who love online, strategy RPG for mobile platform, this game is totally recommended!

    Features of DomiNations APK 2.0.83
    • Choose your Nation to reap the rewards, special powers, and unique units of the British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, or Greeks.
    • Advance through all of human history and become the first player to unlock the secrets of technologies like Cavalry, Gunpowder, and Flight!
    • Recruit the most storied Generals from antiquity, including Alexander, Cleopatra, and Napoleon!
    • Increase your renown by constructing Wonders of the World, from the Pyramids to the Statue of Liberty!
    • Join an Alliance and co-operate to defeat enemies from around the globe!
    • Conquer the World in single-player campaigns from the Fertile Crescent to the Peloponnesian War!
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  • New in DomiNations 2.0.83 APK Android

    • Asian Release!
    • This game is expanding to welcome new players! The game is now available in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea!
    • Korea is the first of many new nations coming to the game to help celebrate our Asian release! Join with Korea and discover a new ability and exclusive units.
    • Better Army Management
    • Explore new, more efficient ways to oversee your troop’s training!
  • Apps Reviews

    This game is a good game, but upgrading anything takes too much coins or food. Very frustrating. You almost have to pay for crowns to get anything.