Real Drift Car Racing Free APK

Developer: RealGames Version: 3.5.6 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Real Drift Car Racing Free APK 3.5.6

April 29, 2016
Change log
  • Real Drift Car Racing Free APK 3.5.6 is available for Android. If you call yourself the racing fanatics with the principle of life schedule only three things to do every single day: eat, sleep, and race, then you should not skip this one game. Once you have installed this app, your life is already completed with the racing thing that cannot separate from you. You can do the race activities in every time and everywhere you want without needed any vehicles to bring, but just a smart phone in size of your entire palm to do it. This game we talk about over here is one open source application that has the magnificent racing game concept ever happen in such small platform like your smart phone with its great game play.

    Real Drift Car Racing Free is played by choosing some superb sport cars and hit the tracks beating every opponents in the race competition. The deal is to keep your car’s tires screeching the asphalt doing drift as its game title named in various race tracks. What makes us so excited to talk about this game is its unbelievable 3 dimension graphic setup with its marvelous SFX that seems to keep the heat of your racing gaming alive.

    Not to forget mentioning the visually great and look realistic physics and great audio pack alongside the easy controlling way to play the game that ain’t stopping you to keep racing. Well, if you do really want to go on the speed breaking your velocity limit at all time, make sure you take a peek and try this game.

    Features of Real Drift Car Racing Free 3.5.6 APK for Android
    • The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices;
    • Customizable difficulty: from total novice to professional drifter;
    • Extensive customization options: change body color, body vinyl, rims model, rims color and tire signature;
    • Extensive tuning options: increase engine power, add a turbo, change handling settings (weight distribution, camber angle etc.), change gear ratios and shift speed;
    • Photo mode to share your coolest drifts with your friends;
    • Realistic simulation of all aspect (engine, drivetrain, tires, etc.) of the car
    Real Drift Car Racing Free Screenshot 1
  • Real Drift Car Racing Free APK 3.5.6 Latest Version

    • added an option to enable/disable ghost;
    • added an option to select transparent / non transparent ghost (useful to simulate tandem drifting);
    • added a button to restore purchases made on a different device;
    • fixed an issue with points calculation that made possible artificially high scores by making a very long race;
    • fixed an issue with new championship not set as unlocked when previous last championship was won with gold cup.
    • several bugs fixed;
  • Apps Reviews

    If you love racing games, and you think drifting is cool, then you will love this game! Great easy controls, realistic physics, great graphics, tricky but very easy to learn.