Flash Keyboard APK

Developer: DotC United Version: 1.0.10102.1223 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Flash Keyboard APK 1.0.10102.1223

December 28, 2016
Change log
  • Emoticons are essential for chatting app and Flash Keyboard APK 1.0.10102.1223 is one of the best solutions for this matter. During chatting via application, you only type word with character and it is not effective for showing what you feel. You know how difficult to express feeling in term of words. It is one of factors that lead misunderstanding in communication. To solve this problem, many programmers try to create expressive way to represent common feeling. They create what today called emoticons. The name will be expanded into emoji or sticker, but it is essentially similar. With emoticons, you do not have to write long words to show the happy, sad, surprise, smile, laugh, or any human expression.

    Flash Keyboard is developed to accommodate complexity of expression. Developer realizes that human expression is unlimited. With massive growth of smartphone users, the standard emoticons were no longer enough. It is like human nature and life themself. When you grow old, more expression and feeling appears. This app consists of more than 400 emoticons, smileys, and emoji. The design is attractive, so you will get precise smileys to reflect what you feel during chatting. Besides emoticons, this app has customized sticker such as using your own photo. Sticker is like emoticon but tends to show more than feeling. There are tons of stickers that available for users. You can download and use them for chatting session.

    This app has virtual keyboard as similar to desktop computer. Usually, touchscreen smartphones have their own standard keyboard. However, it is not enough to support your words. This app has keyboard with various skin. User can pick language preference to get grammar correction. With this feature, you will get the right words and sentences then reduce grammatical problem. Language and skin are available to download. This app does not record password or anything-sensitive material from your device. Therefore, Flash Keyboard for Android is your choice for more expressive communication.

    Features of Flash Keyboard 1.0.10102.1223 APK for Android
    • Enjoy with 400+ Emojis,smileys.
    • Massive free stickers.
    • Customize photos into stickers.
    • Fancy keyboard skins.
    • Auto-corrections and Word Suggestions.
    • Privacy
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  • Flash Keyboard APK 1.0.10102.1223 Latest Version

    • Fixing bugs
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    I like it, because it has more than one color it has a bunch of colors and more designs you could think of.  Very easy to use. Many beautiful themes and most of all, it’s free.