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Developer: Moonton Version: Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Mobile Legends: Bang bang APK

January 3, 2018
Change log
  • Mobile game is definitely tough market, but Mobile Legends: Bang bang APK establishes its own place and now the latest version is This action game brings back old style gaming with several refinements to suit recent smartphone capability. Developer puts a lot of effort to create stunning graphic and background for this game. Character consists of many modes, so you need more time to explore while enjoy playing. There is virtual joystick to play. You just follow put mark on opponent then unleash skill to defeat them.

    This game still has classic feature, so player can enjoy the game without losing old gameplay. You build team with other player and ready to battle opponent to take over the area. As usual, the battle is human versus human with each of players has their own skill and ability. To win this game, you need to work together as team and delegate task, so the enemy can be destroyed. Teamwork is important to avoid severe damage. There are several modes of player and you can pick one of them based on specialty. You can select mage, marksmen, support, assassins, tank, etc. Every time, you will find near heroes on the floor.

    The advantage of MOBA is fair play. Player needs to gain ability and skill to reach victory. There are no shortcut to be here such as training or paying via coin because player needs to create team. There are matchmaking feature to pick opponent and team. Battle will last for ten minutes from slow state into completely immense level. Even though online mode is recommended to get more experience, you are able to use offline assistance when the connection is dropped. With this feature, player can keep back online into battle immediately. This game is suitable to spend your time with friend during the leisure time. Therefore, Mobile Legends: eSports MOBA for Android will be your favorite game in action genre.

    Features of Mobile Legends: Bang bang APK for Android
    • Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles
    • Win with Teamwork & Strategy
    • Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to Victory
    • Simple Controls, Easy to Master
    • 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches
    • Smart Offline AI Assistance
    Mobile Legends: Bang bang Screenshot 1
  • Mobile Legends: Bang bang APK Latest Version

    • New hero: [Lesley]-[Sniper] (2018-01-09)
    • New skin: Starlight Membership Skin for January: [Karrie]-[Dragon Queen], [Lesley]-[Royal Musketeer] (2018-01-09), [Saber]-[Fullmetal Ronin]
    • Modifications making the game more fair are applied to the ranking team-up system.
    • Fix the bug: When facing Hilda, Franco‚Äôs iron hook is longer than it should be.
  • Apps Reviews

    I love everything about this game. The graphics are good, the heroes are great and the abilities have been very well thought of. The only problem is that the number of heroes is less. I hope the developer introduce more heroes.