Ace Security-Antivirus Applock APK

Developer: Super Security Tech Version: 2.1 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Ace Security-Antivirus Applock APK 2.1

January 7, 2017
Change log
  • Ace Security-Antivirus Applock APK has been updated and now the latest version is 2.1. Well, smart prevention act is better than having regretted. This antivirus has more to offer including the additional mobile security features that can guarantee more protections. Having antivirus itself is very essential. You certainly have experienced how nasty an add-on-based malware of virus can be. Sometimes, it can also be out of control. Having the phone rebooted is a thing that no Android users want to.

    Malicious promotions are harmful to your device’s well-being. That’s when this antivirus comes forward. With five main features, it is definitely worth to install. The first one is state of the art mechanism. This feature equals to real time detection of any viruses appearances and the location. It performs a thorough cleans to remove all of dangerous files. Moreover, the real time protection acts as the feature to block suspicious files and app behavior as well as to avoid any malware invasion. In addition, regular through cleanse allows the users to have all the phone storage cleansed from any trash, outdated files and dangerous files. It also means performing of full-scale cleanse.

    The second is phone boost as feature to stop the background running apps and to free the RAM, so the phone’s speed can be boosted. Third is comprehensive applock system that comes as a feature to lock every application with private information which is secretive. This way, you will enjoy a well-rounded protection. Next is junk file cleaner feature. It does perform by cleaning all the junk generated by the existing apps. This is a quick way to speed up the phone. And the last is privacy cleaner to clean the browsing histories. You should no longer be worried about any privacy leakage. Given with such advantageous and real time protection, Ace Security-Antivirus Applock for Android will be a great investment.

    Features of Ace Security-Antivirus Applock 2.1 APK for Android
    • State-of-the-art anti-virus mechanism
    • Ace Real-time protection – block any suspicious app behavior & files, avoid malware invasion from every aspect, including Wi-Fi security & storage safety.
    • Thorough Cleanse – Scan every corner of your phone storage for outdated files, trash & dangerous files and perform a full-scale cleanse.
    • Comprehensive Applock System – Lock every app with private information that you don’t want others to see, providing a well-rounded protection of your privacy.
    • Phone Boost – Stop background running apps & free RAM, boost phone speed.
    • Privacy Cleaner – Clean all your browsing histories, never have to worry about privacy leakage.
    • Junk File Cleaner
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  • Ace Security-Antivirus Applock APK 2.1 Latest Version

    • Bug fixes
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    So good, cleans all viruses and malware also keeps locks in all my apps. Easy to use and doesn’t require a ton of space. This app made my phone work better.