Crusaders Quest APK

Developer: NHN Entertainment Corp. Version: 3.2.4.KG Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Crusaders Quest APK 3.2.4.KG

January 12, 2017
Change log
  • Crusaders Quest APK has been updated to the latest version 3.2.4.KG and it is now free for download. Actually there are some games that you can find for free in some sources. Every day we can find new game too to play. You don’t need to always play the game by using computer because today playing game by using smartphone can be done too. There are some genres of games too that you can find and for all of you who like with strategic and action game, you better play this game. Why you need to choose this game? You can read information below. This is a game that lets you control group of heroes in a strategic battle game. This game is 2d game but you have already got great graphic of this game.

    You need to win the game when you want to get special powers to continue to the next level. This battle is using simple system so all people can play this game. Although it is simple game, you still need to think about strategy that you must use for playing this game too. You must pay attention to all things and it is good to use right equipment and the combine some characters power too.

    When you play this game, you can find more than 200 heroes and each of heroes will have different characteristic and power. The perfect heroes will depend on some factors too. You will be able to play this game in easy way when you use touch screen smartphone, tablet or other devices, It helps you to play in maximum way. You who want to get this app you need to search app in reliable website. You need to have android 3.0 or higher to install this game in your smartphone. You can also read review of this game before you play this game. It is time for you to show your ability in playing Crusaders Quest for Android.

    Features of Crusaders Quest 3.2.4.KG APK for Android
    • Real-time and fast paced puzzle combat! Match your heroes’ skill blocks to quickly decimate your foes.
    • Play 6 unique classes and recruit over 200 unique heroes, each with their own strengths on the pixelated battlefield.
    • Quest to save the kidnapped Goddesses and add their powers to your team.
    • Level up your characters and equip hundreds of powerful weapons to strengthen your 8-bit crusaders!
    • Beautiful 8-bit pixel graphics that capture the retro feel of classic RPGs.
    • Challenge your friends for Honor in the PVP arena and see who has strongest heroes!
    Crusaders Quest Screenshot 1
  • Crusaders Quest APK 3.2.4.KG Latest Version

    • New EPISODE 7 (HARD)
    • 6 new Heroes for THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 Collaboration
    • New Ancient Dungeon (HARD) for KOF ’98 Collaboration
    • New champion ‘West Wind’
    • New Skins and package items.
    • UX / UI improvement
    • Balance changes
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