Developer: farkam135 Version: 3.0.1 Requirement: 4.4 and up Price: Free

GoIV APK 3.0.1

August 29, 2016
Change log
  • GoIV APK is available, so we can download the latest version 3.0.1 for Android. This is IV calculator app that can be used to calculate Pokemon IV. Individual value (IV) is an additional stat of Pokemon. If we have higher IV, we will be stronger. Having high CP is not guarantee that monster has great IV. Individual value are important things that must be considered when trying to transfer monster. Maybe you will transfer a monster with small CP and save the greatest CP. It should be noted, CP can be enhanced by power-ups, but IV is a stat that cannot be upgraded and will not be changed when evolve. So, you have to be really selective in choosing Pokemon which should be transferred and which should be maintained.

    Different from other applications, GoIV will scan Pokemon pages that wanted to be checked the IV, grab automatic data, and displays the results. Just a few clicks, Pokemon IV will appear automatically without having to enter the data manually. This application is very simple and contains guide about how to use. The first is to determine the level of trainers and allow multiple access. After GoIV running, open Pokemon GO app. Select monster that will be checked and there will be a new button at the bottom left. Do not scroll down, make sure the CP, Pokemon’s name, and HP visible on the screen when you want to check the IV.

    Pokemon name, CP, HP, and the level will be displayed. Make sure all data is appropriate, because for some monsters that have big body can cover names and CP, the data will be false or not accurate. Data calculation results are displayed, including level, extra stat, IV, as well as the amount of candy and stardust needed to max level.

    Features of GoIV 3.0.1 APK for Android
    • Calculate IV
    • No need manual input data
    GoIV Screenshot 1
  • GoIV APK 3.0.1 Latest Version

    • Fixed CP estimate calculations
    • Improved arc detection
    • Fixed candy detection for French/Spanish/Italian
    • Theme improvements (Includes the invisible checbox fix)
    • Fixed crashes at shutdown
  • Apps Reviews

    Great app. This app brings easy way to show the Pokemon IV. Just tap and we will get the results without input the data manually. The app works great, fast and runs smoothly on my device. Overall, this app is very useful for PoGo trainers.