Cortana APK

Developer: Microsoft Corporation Version: Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Cortana APK

July 21, 2017
Change log
  • Cortana APK has been released and this version has better performance. Not long after the release of Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has released it although it is still in public beta test form. Android users are allowed to enjoy the ecosystem of Windows in their Android device. Because it is still in beta version, users can become a tester by visiting the Windows blog for signing up as tester. The link for downloading from the Google Play Store can be followed after they are accepted as tester. The personal assistant will come to life once they are signed in after the Cortana asks for the Microsoft credentials. People maybe will have kind of curiosity about the touch of Windows which can be enjoyed through their Android device although it only appears in personal assistant form. If people are pretty familiar with app for Windows, maybe they already have imagination or expectation about the appearance of the app on their Android device. Yes, it will appear as blue circle which is pulsating and it becomes the sign that the personal assistant is ready to use.

    They will find the microphone button as well as the text box appears on the bottom of the display which is waiting for users commands. Many of Windows Phone styling is used in this app. It even is completed with the circular button which comes along the bottom for canceling as well saving. Its appearance is almost identical with its appearance on the Windows version. People will find the same characteristic which can also be found on other platforms. It has the notebook area which keeps record of its understanding about users.

    This feature will make sure that the personal assistant will not be able to surprise users about the information about them which they do not remember handing over the Cortana. Users can simply remove it from the notebook when this circumstance occurs. There are some other great features which can be found after all. There is feature which is called “hey Cortana” and it is useful for activating the personal assistant hands free although it is still provided for Windows only for now. Users can expect that someday this feature can also be found for device with Android platform. There are still some unsatisfying parts of this beta version including the struggling voice recognition which can be found on the streets. There are some elements of user interface which looks blocky on the screen with high resolution.

    Features of Cortana APK for Android
    • Place calls
    • Look up directions
    • Set calendar even
    • Much more
    Cortana Screenshot 1
  • Cortana APK Latest Version

    • Improved app performance
    • Stabilized the app
    • Fixed several crash bugs
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