Dubsmash APK

Developer: Mobile Motion GmbH Version: 2.35.3 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Dubsmash APK 2.35.3

November 10, 2017
Change log
  • Dubsmash APK has been updated to 2.35.3. If people are looking for the app which gains its popularity these days, there is no question that this app must be considered as one app which becomes hits recently. It can be downloaded for free and it is compatible with the smart phone device which has Android 4.1 or later. People maybe will have very great question about the reason why this app is very popular. The key point about the popularity of this app is associated with the new way for having fun using the video which can be shared with their friends. Communication surely becomes very important for modern people and nowadays people are able to find various methods to communicate with their friends including from the messaging apps for instance. Social media can also be used as communication media by people. Nowadays, people can find the fun method of communication which is represented by the popularity. There is no question that people can use this app for communicating with fun.

    The work of this app is very simple actually. People can send the message easily by using the selfie video which uses the famous quotes. The famous quotes can be found from various sources after all. It can be from the television and movies for instance. Users can get in touch with friends or family in entertaining way using this app. All that they have to do is just choosing the famous quotes and then they can record the video on it. The dubbed video can finally be sent to their friends or families. There are so many kinds of Dubsmash video result which are shared on YouTube and people can get the idea for creating attractive dubbed video from this source.

    There is no surprise if this app becomes more and more popular time after time because this app is offered for free and the most important thing is that this app can provide people with the innovative method for sending message. Messaging nowadays can be made into very fun activity using Dubsmash after all. It is not only used for sending fun message for casual purpose only because people are also able to use this app for creating unique greeting for various occasions including for birthday for instance. This app can stimulate the creativity of the users for choosing the right quotes so they are able to create the video which is completely unique as well as entertaining.

    Features of Dubsmash 2.35.3 APK for Android
    • Choose a famous sound
    • Record a video on it
    • Send the dubbed video to your friends
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  • Dubsmash APK 2.35.3 Latest Version

    • New share screen: We made it easier to share your Dubs to your friends. Sharing is caring!
    • Feedback cards: While watching Community Moments, we’ll ask you once in a while to rate the video—this way you can let us know what you like!
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    One of the best app have ever seen. Nice and innovative work.