Developer: NAVER Corp. Version: 1.8.1 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free


November 26, 2016
Change log
  • LINE WEBTOON APK has been updated to 1.8.1. Doing our business every day sometimes can be a boring thing to do. To always get excited and fresh then you will need something that can entertain yourself. One of the ways that you can do is by reading anyway. LINE Webtoon for Android can be the good solution for you because in there, it has been provided many kinds of Webtoon stories that surely can entertain by giving the exciting and funny stories to read. Webtoon android always give the best story for the readers anyway. You can choose the story that you like in order to get the fun, romance and many kinds of story genres that you like.

    This will be something that can make your days become different in which you just always stay calm, and then you can get the beautiful story by reading in LINE. This app provides many kinds of stories. You will happy because this Webtoon always update the story of the Webtoon in every week. For that, you can read the new and updated story every time starting from the children.

    Those kinds are available to search and to read. For that, hurry installs LINE Webtoon for Android and gets reading the Webtoon available. You only need to download it to the play store on your android phone and let’s get start for reading Webtoon. This surely can fill you day with the useful activity although in the holiday where do not require you to work but still you can do picnic without having to go out with friends because you can just stay at home by reading the Webtoon story that can make you always want to know the update for the continuance of the story. So hurry install and read the best story you have ever had read.

    Features of LINE WEBTOON 1.8.1 APK for Android
    • Mobile-optimized view (scroll-view mode)
    • Language option
    • Minimal data use
    • Push notification
    LINE WEBTOON Screenshot 1
  • LINE WEBTOON APK 1.8.1 Latest Version

    • Improved menu tab
  • Apps Reviews

    Love the app especially the bookmark function recently added. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the top comments at the end of each episode.