Xenowerk APK

Developer: Pixelbite Version: 1.5.1 Requirement: 4.3 and up Price: Free

Xenowerk APK 1.5.1

August 5, 2016
Change log
  • Xenowerk APK 1.5.1 mobile game themed shooter from Pixelbite officially launched. And what becomes interesting is that the game is released for free. When released in the Apple Store, Xenowerk is a premium application that you can only have if buying it but in Google Play it is free for Android users. In this game you will play the hope of mankind to kill all mutants and also nest. There are a variety of weapons that you can use to kill the mutants. Additionally, you can also upgrade the weapons to increase the damage produced. At least there are 70 levels that you have to accomplish in the game. The difficulty will increase as the level of level that you play.

    Much like Space Marshals, it is a shooter game with a top-down view. A view that is quite familiar found in mobile games today, especially in RPG games, but is still relatively rare in shooter games like this. Although impressed by the old school (for video game shooter today are normally present in the display FPS / TPS), but this game still feels good. The first thing that makes this game so much fun is the game control system of its own. This game uses touch dual stick controls where there are two virtual buttons are available, left to direct the motion of the character, and right to aim at the target shots. With a control system like this will certainly provide comfort as if we were playing a game console. But you need to know, too, it looks easy but reality is not as easy as imagined.

    Actually, the mutants in Xenowerk will not know where you are if you do not close. And fortunately you can see where they are even if they wander in the door or wall. But they are often quite sensitive to noise, if you are the wrong target when shooting from afar and even solve gallons of water nearby, they can figure out the direction of the source of the sound. The graphics are presented in the game is also fairly good, because you will be an adventure in a place that is dark and only include a flashlight mounted on your weapons. The lighting will make the game become more intense and also fun.

    Features of Xenowerk 1.5.1 APK for Android
    • Top-down action shooter
    • Dual stick touch controls
    • Beautifully rendered lighting and shadows
    • Wide range of weapons and gear
    • Upgradable weapons
    • Special Powers to enhance your gameplay
    • Performance based rating system
    • Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards
    • Optional in-app credit packages to purchase
    Xenowerk Screenshot 1
  • Xenowerk APK 1.5.1 Latest Version

    • Fixed a crash/hang issue which affected mostly Huawei devices.
  • Apps Reviews

    Very fun game. Reminds me of Dead Space with the graphics and the gameplay has a unique feeling. It would be better if it were a bit more accessible for a more casual audience. But great overall!