uTorrent APK

Developer: BitTorrent, Inc. Version: 3.42 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

uTorrent APK 3.42

June 26, 2017
Change log
  • The latest uTorrent APK 3.42 has been released. Downloading of course become the activity which will be done a lot by people using the internet connection. There is no doubt that various kinds of program can be downloaded easily with the internet but sometimes people have to get problem with size or speed limitations. Fortunately, people can find the program for downloading which can give them quick access to various contents without having to worry about limitation of size and speed called utorrent for Android. People will be able to find the ability to download the file easily and quickly. However, it is better to learn further about the advantages and disadvantages offered by this program.

    The greatest advantage which people can find from this program is that they can enjoy the download which is detailed. Users have full control over the download. There will be some questions which will be asked including the location for saving the files. Limit sliders for downloading or uploading will be great feature which must be useful for users who want to conserve bandwidth or energy. New content from the RSS feeds can be downloaded automatically by using the subscription tool. Another great thing which is offered by this program is that they will get fast service because there is no limit for the device speed.

    People maybe are familiar with the desktop version of this program and they will make comparison of the mobile version with the desktop version. The mobile version comes with small toolkit compared to the desktop version. It is not only the drawback which people can find from this app because there is still another drawback which can be found. The design of uTorrent is substandard. It is also confusing especially for new users. The layout of the app seems like created for them who are experienced with this downloading program from the desktop version.

    Features of uTorrent 3.42 APK for Android
    • Beautifully light, clean design
    • Wifi-only mode to save on mobile data
    • No download speed limits and no download size limits
    • Select files to download within a torrent to minimize your storage footprint
    • Better music listening and video viewing experience with integrated music and video players
    uTorrent Screenshot 1
  • uTorrent APK 3.42 Latest Version

    • Improved Torrent complete notification
  • Apps Reviews

    This has been one of my favorite desktop applications for years. The Android App continues this history of excellent performance. Keep up the good work!