Rolling Sky APK

Developer: Turbo Chilli Version: 1.3.7 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Rolling Sky APK 1.3.7

December 2, 2016
Change log
  • The latest version Rolling Sky APK 1.3.7 is coming to Android. Maybe one of you still remember a legendary game on mobile phones Nokia, namely Bounce. Yes, you move the ball left and right, up and down to finish each stage without making erupted because thorns. Even to this day I still remember code that must be used in order to be immune to any character. (7,8,7,8,9,8) Lol. One of the mobile game entitled Rolling Sky This reminds me of the game Bounce which is played a few years ago. You will drive a ball into a 3D dimension, and avoid any obstacles who tried to destroy you.

    When played, this puzzle game is also very similar to Temple Run, but has a more modest. However, this game is quite difficult because you have to estimate the precise trajectory path so as not to hit the ball that is controlled obstacle.

    Maybe you’ll find this game looks easy. But in fact Rolling Sky is able to make you frustrated with map movement is fairly extreme and too fast. Sometimes you have to think one step ahead to anticipate changes in the folder that you can make the ball fall and lose.

    Features of Rolling Sky 1.3.7 APK for Android
    • Drag left and right to avoid obstacles and stay on the track.
    • Featuring a custom pumping soundtrack, colorful locations and impossible gameplay.
    Rolling Sky Screenshot 1
  • Rolling Sky APK 1.3.7 Latest Version

    • New level: come and unlock the hidden bonus level!
  • Apps Reviews

    Very fun and addicting. The game is to easy. I already beat all the levels. There should be more. Also I like the idea of no check points. It makes the game more challenging and surprising.