LEGO Juniors Quest APK

Developer: The LEGO Group Version: 4.0.2 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

LEGO® Juniors Quest APK 4.0.2

February 3, 2016
Change log
  • LEGO® Juniors Quest APK new version 4.0.2 has been released. Today, there are many games which are made with the content that sometimes is inappropriate for your children. For that reason, you need to find the game that will provide you with appropriate content for our children. The game will be your choice when it comes to safe game for your children. Now, what things which are kept inside this game? Let us find out! This LEGO® Juniors Quest is a real situation game where you will play a role as a Lego who will save a cat which is lost from its owner, a little girl. Your quest is to find the cat and, in the same time, you will also have to catch a robber who has just escaped from the local police stations. You also need to help to police in catching the robber who has just escaped.

    In the game, you will be partnered with friendly map that will always show your location and the direction that you should take for finishing your quests. This LEGO® Juniors Quest game is really suitable for your children because you will also find many interesting things in this game. This game actually will let your children grow its good characters as they will be more sympathetic with others.

    With the design of friendly environment in the film, your children will be surrounded with friendly folks too in the game. The Lego characters which have been close with children will surely make this game give positive effects to their behavior and mental development. Now, when you want to have excellent game for your children, you will need this LEGO® Juniors Quest for Android in your phone. There will be so many things that you will discover and it is totally safe for your children as there is no content that is inappropriate for your children.

    Features of LEGO® Juniors Quest 4.0.2 APK for Android
    • No in-app purchases
    • NEW: Unlock new, free content with studs earned
    • NEW: A fun map that always shows where you are and where to go. Once all levels have been unlocked, your
    • child can play their favorite quests over and over again.
    • NEW: Extra beach level – surf the waves to collect more studs.
    • Bright, fun and friendly animations and soundtrack
    • Intuitive icons and navigation for easy gameplay – no reading or writing skills required
    • Virtual building with LEGO® bricks
    • No third-party advertising
    • No links to websites
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  • LEGO® Juniors Quest APK 4.0.2 Latest Version

    Spot the sneaky ninja in this update!

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    This is too easy man, but i love it. Maybe LEGO should have free adventure or more mission like GTA.