Plane Simulator 3D APK

Developer: TerranDroid Version: 1.0.5 Requirement: 2.1 and up Price: Free

Plane Simulator 3D APK 1.0.5

October 14, 2016
Change log
  • For those who ever wanted to be the pilot and also fly the real plane, the presence of Plane Simulator 3D APK 1.0.5 will truly fit in you. This offers most of realistic experiences with 3D animations and graphics. You can start the engines, unleash the inner encourage, and also feel the powers of the realistic planes as flying through the numerous stunning locations. In other words, this feature allows the players for exploring the worlds of flying with the quality that have not been seen before. The game features are completed with the massive highly of the detailed planes with the ultra-realistic physics.

    With this game, you can take the seat on the cockpit and also conquer the sky as real. The main features on this game are variously. Those include the 24+ or the real life planes which include the supersonic jets and also the military aircrafts, more than 10 mission types from the pilot training to the master class. There is also the realistic flight physics and the presence of wonderful 3D graphics. In other words, the presence of Plane Simulator 3D for Android can be the highly advanced stimulation which ever developed.

    Moreover, lots of people claim that this is the perfect ultimate plane flying stimulations which is improving the physic for the players. The features which offer nice controls and short flight make the players feel that 2 hours flight are just like about two minutes. As you are playing the Plane Simulator 3D for Android, you have to turn on and off the seatbelt signs, raise and lower the landing gear, and also controlling the planes properly. The players only need to get about 1k feet on the air for the whole flights. Also, there are no way for telling what directions the runways the players land at are facing until the players are too close toward the land on its first run.

    Features of Plane Simulator 3D 1.0.5 APK for Android
    • 24+ real-life planes including supersonic jets and military aircrafts
    • 10+ mission types from pilot training to master class
    • Realistic flight physics and 3D graphics
    Plane Simulator 3D Screenshot 1
  • Plane Simulator 3D APK 1.0.5 Latest Version

    • Updated with a new icon and fixed some bugs.
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    I like this game it’s challenging. I always wonder how it feel’s to be a pilot and fly a plane. This game is amazing.