Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: 0.7.181815 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes APK 0.7.181815

November 22, 2016
Change log
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK 0.7.181815 is available, I believe that there will be few people who do not know about the great Star Wars film and now, the great film is packed into interesting game in your smartphone entitled Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for android. This game is role playing game that will surely make you be able to control the character fully. The game is really interesting and is favored by many people and, now, let us finds out what great things which are concealed in this game. First, this game will need you to be a good strategy maker because you will need to create team here.

    You will need to combine each characters whether it is Jedi or sith to create a powerful troops to kick the enemy ass. You can do it by seeing various abilities which are owned by each character and then combine them to create powerful combination of skill in the team itself. Then, in this game, player will be able to unlock many characters which are existed in the Star Wars film.

    We will not have many great characters in the first time because we need to unlock each of them by finishing some stages inside this game. Then, you will need to make your characters get better too with the choices of equip that you put in your character. With the right choice, you will get the best characters which are unbeatable by the enemy. Those are the amusements which are provided for those who want to play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. You will also experience a high quality of graphic in this game that will make you feel much more pleased. The realistic details in the game will surely be the best part of this game.

    Features of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes 0.7.181815 APK for Android
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  • Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes APK 0.7.181815 Latest Version

    • Experience a new layer of strategy with Fleet Commanders
    • Call in reinforcements during Ship battles to fight with more units than ever
    • Build your own Capital Ship, including Grand Moff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer
    • Assemble and crew Ships, including Millennium Falcon Ep. VII and Ahsoka’s Jedi starfighter
    • Battle in the Fleet Arena to earn Ship Blueprints
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    Pretty fun game, however, it seems to take a while to level up your team.