Mabinogi Duel G1 LordOfFarkka APK

Developer: NEXON Company Version: GGOO_32_53.0 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka APK GGOO_32_53.0

March 22, 2016
Change log
  • The latest Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka APK has been updated to GGOO_32_53.0. If you are a gamer, there must be specific game you like the most. What game is it? Is it card game? If so, there is one game you need to try here. This game is known as Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka for Android. Yes, it is an online game. You have to connect to internet when you want to challenge someone in a duel. However, you can always practice on your own when you are offline. Do you want to know more? This game is a game where the players will have to collect hundreds of different cards. Each card has its own ability, strength, and weakness. There are various gaming modes offered in this game.

    In order to play it, you have to build your deck with the cards you own. You will need to know how to make good tactics and strategies to let you win the competition. It is crucial for you to hunt the rarest cards as well. Although you will discover many cards as you play this game, there is another way to get the card you want. The way is by trading your cards online with your friends who are playing this game as well.

    This game requires you to build unique deck to win each competition. Of course, it is not as easy as being said. However, you can still go to story mode to get you to learn how to play this game well. You will be guided as you play for better understanding of this game. If you are truly a gamer that likes card games so much, you must try Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka for Android. With good tactics and strategies, you should have been able to defeat your opponents and become the winner.

    Features of Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka GGOO_32_53.0 APK for Android
    • New Strategy mobile TCG: Form a deck with 12 cards, create your own tactics!
    • Millions of beautiful cards: Create unique tactics with hundreds of diverse cards!
    • Immersive storylines: Go through the Story Mode and learn easily how to play the TCG.
    • Trade cards to build the best deck: Trade your cards with friends!
    • PVP Arena: Challenge other players to real-time duels in the PVP Arena!
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  • Mabinogi Duel:G1 LordOfFarkka APK GGOO_32_53.0 Latest Version

    • Icon is changed.
    • Minor errors fixed.
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    Awesome game very entertaining and strategic.