Shazam APK

Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited Version: 7.5.0-170126 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Shazam APK 7.5.0-170126

January 28, 2017
Change log
  • Shazam APK 7.5.0-170126 is application that free for caters by use simply searching on artist name and title from their songs to their playlist charts. This is fast music application as second as you start the app to run. This app will identify the song you search on and display any information about song and artist. The app is comes with different option features, such as direct purchasing on internet, information about artist recognized, and any archival function to store and manage your artist favorite. This app is great application that will help you to find the title from every song that you hear now.

    The only things you need to do when you use this app is holding your phone close to the sound source and wait for about 5 seconds to the app to process the song. After the moment, the app program will tell all information includes the title and lyrics from the song that you listening before. This application is very useful for music lover, because you can instantly find out the song information that you have not recognize before. For example, you are in party, and you feel that the song in good, but you do not know the song and shame to ask your friend about the song title, this app will help you to do that by searching all information and background from the title right in your phone.

    With their development in innovation, shazam is not only identification app. They begin their journey on become the user references to find their favorite TV music and program that they love. They will extend you to get special programs and information on your watching. You will able to see the artist biography, their concert tickets recently, and their recordation tracks and recommendation to buy or listen the favorite song from Shazam for Android partners.

    Features of Shazam 7.5.0-170126 APK for Android
    • Shazam TV shows to discover soundtracks, the cast, special offers and more
    • Enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
    • Preview songs and add them to Rdio and Spotify playlists *
    • Launch Pandora radio based on artists you discover *
    • Ask the Google app for you: “Ok Google, Shazam this song”
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  • Shazam APK 7.5.0-170126 Latest Version

    • Now you can scan Shazam Codes with your camera.
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    Best app it’s so helpful and a must have app for any music lover one of my first downloaded apps on any phone I use.