Blade Waltz APK

Developer: Netmarble Games Version: 1.7.1 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Blade Waltz APK 1.7.1

April 7, 2016
Change log
  • Blade Waltz APK is coming and it gets new version 1.7.1. Now, when you want to play a really wonderful role playing game which is different than any other game in your phone, this is your game. This game will not provide you with ordinary RPG that you will find in the phone. There are something new which are invented in this game and also it still haves some common features which are added in the role playing game. Now, let us find out more about this game. First, to play Blade Waltz, the special thing that you will have is that you will not only play one figure as your characters, but you will play three characters at a time.

    This RPG will surely make you feel excited with many features inside this game. Breathtaking cinematic story will surely make you amazed. You will also have some attack movements and other kinds of movements which are used for playing this game. Then, as what many RPGs have, you will also be able to upgrade your characters to better state. The equipment of the characters in this game can be upgraded from the starter one to the legendary items that will provide better skill in your players.

    You will experience epic journey for reaching your mission in this game. In this game, you will have three unique skills in the game that will be used for shattering the enemies to the ground. If you have installed Blade Waltz for android, you will never feel bored with it because as you play further and further again, there will be many new things that will be discovered and make you want to know more about the game and the story in the game itself. Facing some enemies and its bosses will be your challenging and thrilling features from this game that will keep you excited.

    Features of Blade Waltz 1.7.1 APK for Android
    • A True, Action RPG
    • Dominate enemies with 3 unique skill sets using the Tag Battle system!
    • Don’t throw away your old gear, EVER!
    • Epic Combos and Finishes
    • Strong cinematic storytelling with a dramatic finale!
    • Shortage isn’t in our vocabulary!
    Blade Waltz Screenshot 1
  • Blade Waltz APK 1.7.1 Latest Version

    • New content! Probe update!
    • New region! ACT 8 available!
    • The dates for the Attendance system have been changed
    • New Weekly/Monthly Missions and new Achievements added
    • Help feature added
    • New packages added
    • Some skill descriptions were changed
    • Premium Quality Change Ticket added
    • Miscellaneous improvements made and bugs fixed
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    Found this game to be fun and enjoyable.