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Skype APK

June 10, 2017
Change log
  • Skype APK is a convenient way to keep in touch with your loved ones using video calls, even when you are away from your laptop! The new version is and you have probably known, Skype has a PC version too. But you might go out from time to time and sometimes you just can’t bring your laptop along, who knows, you might need to use it to connect and interact with others while you are on the go. The good news is this application, which is the mobile device version of the Skype meant for PC purposes. This article will explain several pros and cons about this app and the bottom line to sum everything up.

    First of all, let’s talk about the good of the application. So the latest build for Android platform is pretty much excellent with its impressive audio quality and an overall fantastic quality of video call. It also runs pretty smoothly despite having so much features and data to be processed. If user has used the application for a long time, between updates, it can be seen that the quality of the application is getting even more stable than how it is previously. This gradual, stable improvement is what makes it possible to have smooth video chat and video calls.

    However, there is also some cons of this app. It is still lacking in group video chats and the features of transferring file between each Skype users is still difficult. There is also no way to change between rear and front camera during the session of video chats or calls. All in all though, whether you are a user or not, the new version has plenty of amazing features and impressive qualities which counted to be something worth your time and considerations.

    Features of Skype APK for Android
    • Find all your friends and family in an instant
    • Talk with your fingers
    • Call your world
    • Low cost calls to mobiles and landlines too
    • Share your favourite snaps
    • Chat with anyone, anywhere
    • Video messaging
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  • Skype APK Latest Version

    • Bug fixes
  • Apps Reviews

    Great app! Improved alot. The glitches I had has been fixed.