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Developer: Glide Version: 10.200.038 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Glide – Video Chat Messenger APK 10.200.038

December 13, 2016
Change log
  • The new Glide – Video Chat Messenger APK is coming so we can download latest version 10.200.038, it is one of the best apps that can be installed for people in their android. Relating to this one, people will find the satisfaction messenger that is not only chat but they also can send a video for their friends or families in their android. Relating to this one, people also can watch the video directly or later in their android. With this features, people will get the comfortable when they have a chit chat with their friends with this idea. Furthermore, this one also will be better for people than other social media because the video that can be sent by people is unlimited.

    It means that this app can show their video without any limitation for 5 minutes in their android. With this one, people will feel that they are with their friend although they have long distance. People also can record whatever they want to record to send a video for their friends. Besides, the video that is in this app will be saved in the cloud so that people do not worry about the memory space in their phone.

    People also can watch the video whenever they want to watch the video. The most important that should be known by people in this one is that people can use filter for the video so that the quality for its video is great. Because of that, people will get the satisfaction one when they use Glide – Video Chat Messenger for Android. People do not worry about the memory space when they receive the video because the video will be saved in cloud. Besides, people also can have chitchat up to fifty people and people can delete the message without any difficulties. It will be great for people to get this one.

    Features of Glide – Video Chat Messenger 10.200.038 APK for Android
    • Just hit the blue button and speak naturally into the camera. Tap it when you’re done and your video message gets sent immediately. It can be 3 seconds or up to 5 minutes of your you-ness.
    • Someone can actually watch as you’re recording your video, or whenever they have a chance. Techies call this “asynchronous.” We call it massively convenient.
    • Is it more fun to send or receive a Glide? That’s a cosmic question. The answer is “yes”
    • All of your videos are stored on the cloud, so they don’t take up any space on your device. It’s unlimited and free!
    • Much more
    Glide – Video Chat Messenger Screenshot 1
  • Glide – Video Chat Messenger APK 10.200.038 Latest Version

    • Introducing live voice messages! Send an audio message with one tap
    • See when friends have viewed your messages
    • Close the camera preview window when you’re not using it
    • Recent Video Chat Updates:
    • Search Glide straight from your homescreen.
    • We’re testing a new app icon! Look out on your screen for a blue icon with a video camera in it.
    • Filter support for more devices
    • Check yourself out before recording live videos
    • Snapshots – instantly snap a pic from the chat bar
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    Fun and easy to use and stay connected with friends and family. I have a 4 year old and it’s fun to use when I’m at work on break or out and about to stay connected with him.