Developer: 2K Games, Inc. Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free


July 28, 2016
Change log
  • MyNBA2K16 APK has been released and now the latest version is Are you one of the people who have been waiting for this app to come out? Well, yes, it finally has made its appearance these days. It is an app developed by 2K Games, Inc. You see, with the appearance, you will be helped a lot by it. Why not? It is because it will make things easier for you for two things; stay in touch with its console version and earn Virtual Currency. Well, it is just as expected from an app made by developers, like 2K Game, Inc. Let me start with its companion features here. First, there is Virtual Currency as I said earlier, which becomes one of benefits you can gain from it.

    With this feature in your application, you will have more ways to earn VC. Second, there is a feature called MyPARK which comes with enhanced connection to its mode via app. Third, there is MyPLAYER Store coming with enhanced store options, of course. Lastly, there is 2KTV which allows you to watch its episodes with interactive voting. You see, app has MyTEAM Mobile features to let you collect NBA player cards to challenge other competitors as well.

    The features include Card Improvement, Quick Game, Auction House, New Economy, and Expanded Social Features. There sure are many features in MyNBA2K16 for Android you can take advantage when running this app in your Android. In order to install and run it, you will need Android version 2.3 at least. Of course, it would be better if you can manage higher version. This app’s size is quite big that is 222MB. Even if it takes time to download it, it is worth app to wait.

    Features of MyNBA2K16 APK for Android
    • Card Improvements – New NBA players, Bonus Player cards, card customization, specialty bonuses, enhancement rarities, level-up options to train cards faster, and much more
    • Quick Game – New 2 card match-ups, more animations, and faster gameplay
    • Auction House – Auction watching and opportunities for exclusives
    • New Economy – Earn Reward Points (RP) daily via short and long term tasks and selling cards to the vendor for guaranteed RP.
    • Expanded Social Features
    MyNBA2K16 Screenshot 1
  • MyNBA2K16 APK Latest Version

    • This update fixes the bug with new cards where they could not be improved, quick sold, or placed on the Auction House. All cards in your inventory previously in that state are fixed with this update.
  • Apps Reviews

    The bonus VC is nice and like building up my deck. And they’re always adding new cards.