Clash of Lords 2 APK

Developer: IGG Version: 1.0.218 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Clash of Lords 2 APK 1.0.218

December 8, 2016
Change log
  • Clash of Lords 2 APK is coming with its new version 1.0.218. This is a game that needs strategy as its main trick. Here, you as a gamer will have to control all types of heroes, arranging city with a complete defense, and of course having a battle with some groups of enemy. With those three main parts, a gamer will be spoiled with so many fun and amusing moments. The game, in fact, is not as scary or thrilling as the title. One will probably think that this game is very masculine and thrilling. But the fact says a different way, enjoy the game and have more fun. The mechanism of this game is divided into two different parts.

    In the first part, a gamer needs to make a defense system to protect cities, including choosing one good hero to defend them. You can command the hero to attack other cities in just a second. A gamer can choose one of many different heroes. Then a gamer can utilize them with many abilities and superpowers and with many weapons too. Besides that, a gamer can also make buildings as a place to defend and protect one city. This is very important too to fight against the enemy who tries to colonize.

    Clash of Lords 2 is a spontaneous game that is very interesting to play. The graphic and system is also fun and user friendly. One might need no other game rather than this. Because the interesting part has yet to come; the way to enjoy this game is by having fun with it and its simple and interesting mechanism. There is no way and reason for us not to love this one. This is worth a try because it is simply helping us to escape from a busy world called ourselves and jobs. Try once and beware to get addicted!

    Features of Clash of Lords 2 1.0.218 APK for Android
    • Take Charge in Clash of Lords 2!
    • Mercenary Mania!
    • Exhilarating & Easy-to-Play!
    • The Wild Bunch Are Here in Clash of Lords 2!
    • Play Your Way in Clash of Lords 2!
    • Guild Camaraderie!
    • Free to Play!
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  • Clash of Lords 2 APK 1.0.218 Latest Version

    • A new hero, Ironclad, joins the clash!
    • Enlightenment unlocked for Landslide and Carol d’Belle. New Evolution Essences added.
    • Adjustments made to Hero Trials.
    • Detailed skill descriptions added to the “See More” Hero interface.
    • Increased total Hero Slots to 300.
    • New Holiday Gift Packs and events added.
    • New season rewards in Coliseum. Fame has been reset..
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    I love this game so much because of all the exciting game modes. Great Job Developers!