Gummy Drop APK

Developer: Big Fish Games Version: 2.21.0 Requirement: 3.1 and up Price: Free

Gummy Drop APK 2.21.0

December 16, 2016
Change log
  • Gummy Drop APK is coming with its new version 2.21.0. Mobile gaming must be one of the most favorite entertainments which are used by many people in recent society. There is no question that technology becomes very important support for modern people and of course people will not be able to be separated from the smart phone. People cannot live without smart phone because it is very important support for their daily life. In this circumstance, people have to make sure that people will be able to find various kinds of mobile game for their smart phone with different platforms including Android platform. This game can be one great game option which people can choose for sure.

    From so many mobile game genres which can be found, it seems like many people cannot ignore the temptation of puzzle game such as this game. This game comes as puzzle game and people will be able to find colorful gummies which should be played. The basic thing which should be done by player is lining up three or more of the object which has the same shape. It is useful for eliminating the gummies from the board. If people are able to do it right, people will be able to create the cascade as the pieces with matching shape drop down. The board will be left in the cascade flow.

    Gummy Drop is kind of freemium app which means that if people want to enhance their experience when playing this game, they need to purchase certain item. Many things can be bought including the spins on the wheel so they can get extra turn. They will also get new lives by buying off the timer. Special upgrade and boost can also be bought for changing the way they can play the game. If people can play the game with better performance, they can avoid buying and spending.

    Features of Gummy Drop 2.21.0 APK for Android
    • Hundreds of scrumptious levels with unique boosts and power-ups that can only be found in a gummy world
    • Faster-charging lives for speedier game play
    • High scores that can always get higher!
    • Friendly competition!
    • Check out Daily Events and get a sweet burst of resources and rewards when you sign in with Facebook
    • Play in MANY languages!
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  • Gummy Drop APK 2.21.0 Latest Version

    • Optimizations and bug fixes to improve overall game performance.
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    Love the variety. Just wish you earned more coins like you would if you were building and bricking. It’s hard work!