Taichi Panda APK

Developer: Snail Games USA Version: 2.11 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Taichi Panda APK 2.11

February 15, 2016
Change log
  • Taichi Panda APK 2.11 has been released. This is a good option of game if you want to try challenging game. To be a Taichi Warrior you should face various kinds of challenges. This game allows the players to give their efforts to protect the land of Avsar through the help of the character you choose from a number of characters offered. The characters offered consist of panda monk, a warrior, a treasure hunter, and new fox mage. When you begin to play, you will be presented with brief story about the game and tutorial on how you should work with the players. This story and guide will not take much time since the main focus of this game is actually the battle.

    This is 3D adventure game offers slash battle that is presented suing adorable fantasy. After you select the player among four characters offered, you can directly fight in a battle with a number of goblins and bandits. The more enemies you defeat, the more loot and higher level of enemies you will face in a combat. The more points you collect, the easier you upgrade the characters. Besides offers friendly-to-use game control scheme, this game also provides various content and expressive progressions.

    There are a number of main features which are provided by this game. For instance, this game uses online multiplayer modes which include various types such as guilds, PvP battles, and arenas. The slash combat applies fast-paced type so that it comes with boss battles and other challenges. The progression in this game is considered as RPG which covers several things related to the game such as pets, skills, and equipment. Another feature that players can enjoy is that the armor upgrading system. It allows you to renew old equipment so that it can be used again for the next combat in Taichi Panda for Android.

    Features of Taichi Panda 2.11 APK for Android
    • The Journey Begins
    • Slash Through Opponents
    • Discover Powerful Gear
    • Battle Online and Rule the Land
    Taichi Panda Screenshot 1
  • Taichi Panda APK 2.11 Latest Version

    • All new Character Enhancement Function
    • Skill upgrades available through runes
    • Stat boosting Talisman system
    • Lovely Valentine‚Äôs-themed outfits
    • Pet enhancement unlocked for Jibjab, Master Shoo, Pyrotaur and Ice Turtle
    • New Awakening Skills for pets
    • Equipment disassemble function opened
    • Loading screen updated
  • Apps Reviews

    I’ve been playing this game for about 3 months now, the characters are great, the graphics are awesome, the moves, pets and everything else that i didn’t mention are great too.