Fast & Furious Legacy APK

Developer: Kabam Version: 3.0.2 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Fast & Furious: Legacy APK 3.0.2

October 15, 2015
Change log
  • The latest Fast & Furious: Legacy APK has been updated so the current version is 3.0.2. This is one of the great games that can be played in the android and it can give the satisfaction one for people when they have space-time. This game has been depicted from the fast and furious movies so that you will be impressive when you play the game in this one. Besides, the graphic design in this game is also great that can show the impressive the game. The trick out the custom ride and weave through the traffic also will pump the adrenaline’s player so that they will get the satisfaction to play the game. Furthermore, the features in this game also will give the satisfaction one for people when they play the game. This game will offer the new car from the fast & furious movie that can show the impressive one to play.

    It will have race ad driver more than 50 cars including the favorite car from the movies. Besides, the experience speed in this game also shows the greatest one that can impress people to play the game. You will find that this game has high-fidelity 3D rides with license imports, classics, and exotic vehicle that can impress the player in the game.

    It also can be played in multiple race game modes and also the international location that can make this game interesting. Because of that, the player can explore the location from Los Angeles to Miami, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. The best one that can be found in Fast & Furious: Legacy for Android is that this game has own crew in the game. It means that the player will have their own crew to battle against other players. The battles in this one also have been depicted from the movie that can impress people to play the game in their android well.

    Features of Fast & Furious: Legacy 3.0.2 APK for Android
    • Race and drive over 50 cars including favorites from the movie franchise
    • Experience the speed of the blazing hot Lykan Hypersport from Furious 7
    • Add to your slick lineup of high-fidelity 3D rides with licensed imports, classics, and exotic vehicles
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  • Fast & Furious: Legacy APK 3.0.2 Latest Version

    Bug Fixes and Optimizations

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    This is the best Fast and the Furious game that came out with all the other one were good but this one is the best ones.

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