Walking Dead Road to Survival APK

Developer: Scopely Version: Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

December 3, 2016
Change log
  • Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK has been updated to the latest version Before you start playing this game, you’d better read some reviews about this game, which just has been recently released. This is a game about the battle against zombie. Of course, it is completely different from Plants VS Zombie which have been so called. In this game, you are demanded to take over Woodbury and destroy the governor’s tyranny. In this battle you need to recruit an iconic survivors like Glenn, Michonne, and the others to join with your team and freed yourselves from the madman’s reign, arrange a strategy for your team to combat against your enemies, power up your team to fortify your home base with supplies gathered.

    The game is available for free for Android and iOS users. And you must notice that you should prepare more storage since the size will expand to 233 MB if it is installed. It is not too difficult in installing because it is available for free. So you don’t need to purchase or to deal with payment. Unless you want to add-up your golden coin and the other necessity of upgrading, you will be charged to buy it via online shop.

    Transaction in this game can be used to speed up the upgrade process, to get new survivor character, and to get new stronger weapon. You can also get various typical character of Walking Dead: Road to Survival like Rick, Michonne, Andrea, and Glenn, also you can purchase the unique weapon like Michonne’s katana and Rick’s pistol. Actually, the features of this game is based on graphic Novel by Jay Bonansinga. Darkness which becomes the setting of this game, increase the tense for the player to determine finding the short path and keep surviving. This game is quite thrilling since you got to survive from death in a battle against zombie.

    Features of Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK for Android
    • Obliterate Walkers and other survivors with a deadly arsenal of weapons
    • Power up your team to combat against enemy
    • Find strength in numbers – band together through powerful Factions
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  • Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK Latest Version

    • Introducing Faction Territories! Team up with your faction mates to take and hold iconic locations like Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and the Sanctuary. Fight with other factions to earn game-wide bonuses and be the exclusive owner of a piece of the Walking Dead world.
    • Plus a variety of bug fixes and general improvements.
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    Very addictive. Wish more 2 and 3 star weapons would drop instead of characters though.