Google Street View APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Google Street View APK

December 6, 2016
Change log
  • Google Street View APK is the app for your android that can help you to find many interesting place. It will help you to get the view of the beautiful place such as, museum, the natural place, restaurants, and the small business. There are many places that can be found through this app. You will get the picture of the beautiful place, and you will get the inspiration for your beautiful destination that will be visited. If you want to find the best place with your friends, and you need to get the reference, you can use this app to help you. You can make your photo spheres.

    You can share you’re your photo for your place has been visited to the world. It is easy for you because you only need to capture the place with your camera and then you can upload your picture in this app. The content that you can get is the easy browsing for the most popular pictures collection, you can explore the street, there is the profile photo review, and you can make the photo spheres privately. You can create the photo spheres by using the phone camera and then you should connect the camera to the spherical camera.

    You can share the picture through the Google maps and you can share privately in the flat photos. In making your app working goodly, you should consider about the policy. There are the benefits of using this app in your phone. You can find many interesting place and you can share your experiment in the wonderful place with the world. To get this Google Street View for Android, you can download in the play store or the Google store. It will make your life easier and you will be helped with this wonderful app.

    Features of Google Street View APK for Android
    • Browse Google’s most popular special collections
    • Explore all of Street View (including contributions from others)
    • Review your public profile of published photo spheres
    • Manage your private photo spheres
    Google Street View Screenshot 1
  • Google Street View APK Latest Version

    • Added support for Daydream — Google’s platform for high quality, mobile virtual reality. Explore Street View like never before.
    • Bug fixes and feature improvements.
  • Apps Reviews

    I like the specialised functionality of the app, as well as the fact that it allows you to easily add photo spheres to Google maps.