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Developer: Google Inc. Version: 8.0.147081443 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Google Phone APK 8.0.147081443

February 11, 2017
Change log
  • Google Phone APK 8.0.147081443 has been released. This application adds some good features which also allow you start updating. The dialer app as one of these features provides you with call blocking as well. There is call UI for businesses as brand new that can be recognized by Google Caller Id System. This UI which looks very slick is able to add a lot of business info. As for the dialer, instead of using regular name for contact, it will display a nickname you have given to a contact in Google Now. If the carrier you have supports the feature of dialer’s visual voicemail, then there will be voicemail count as well.

    You will also be able to get an exclusive help from this app regarding spam. This latest update of application uses search smart of the company in order to flag bad actors. Since spam calls are very annoying which make you have to answer unsuspecting numbers, the help form is one of great services offered to the users. When there is found incoming call which is considered as potential spam by Google, you will see a large red bar warning in your Android phone. It is allowed you answer such call or reject and report it to Google.

    In order to make spam warning works, you will need to enable the caller ID as well as update the latest version. This app can be downloaded for free. As one of exclusive and stronger application, Google Phone puts location-aware smart and caller ID right into dialer. The feature of spam warning itself is the part of Phone App version 4.0.

    Features of Google Phone 8.0.147081443 APK for Android
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    • Bug fixes
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    Easy to use. App works flawlessly with no issues on my phone. Easy to use and love the Android Wear functionality. The new call interface is beautiful! I like the interface’s transparency which shows a silhouette of your current background and the layout of buttons is even more functional.